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A short biography of Altaf Shaikh

Altaf Shaikh, a famous writer every person who loves the Sindh Land and knows everything about Sindh, once must knows about Altaf Shaikh.

He born on November 14, 1944 in New Haala District Hyderabad , Matyari. He got his early education from Haala.

For the the secondary and higher secondary school education he admitted to Cadet College Petaro Mirpurkhas. Then he moved to the Marine Academy Chittagong, Bangladesh for his higher education where he studied Marine Engineering. Profassionaly he was Marine Engineer, and taught in malaysia.

He is famous for his Travelogues and fiction books. He started the writing in 18 years of age. His first Fiction book was "Anamika" (bungali word "unknow").
He is fluent in Sindhi, Chinese, Japanese, English, Malay and Bengali.

Here a few of his travelogues and books:

Bander Bazariyoon (1971)
Jani ta Jahaz Main (1972)
Piyar je ghut (1973)
Dunya Aahe Kak Mahal (1975)
Wayoon wanjarn joon (1976)
So ee jobahn Deinh (1977)
Around the World (1989)
Kuwet Kinara (1980)
Sanmbhahoo samond jo (1980)


Khuda de Khat
Master waryam jo benkak wajan
Japan ras, Dhahee Jhirki
Baran jo Aakhaniyoon
London tain lift
Miss sada bahar Chambeli (novel).

The following Travelogues you can download:
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  1. Altaf Shaikh has introduced us with art, culture and living style of the people of the world. Travelogue about sailing in the sea, that was his profession. He enable avid readers make visit of uninterested and unattracted African countries.

  2. It gives my immense pleasure to read his columns in newspaper.

  3. I am Khalid Shaikh S/O Muhammad Hassan & Shams un Nisa.
    You visited our home at safura Goth some years ago. I was searching your biography in Google. Right now. We feel glade if you visit out home at Gulistan-e-Johar. I read some of your books.


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