Sunday, August 8, 2010

Human Body Facts.

Our body is a miracle that we simply take for granted. This week’s article is all about our truly amazing body. I hope the facts amuse you and hope you appreciate what you’ve got no matter the size, color or shape.

1. Almost 80% of the microwaves exerted from your cell phone, are absorbed by your head.

2. Like fingerprints, each person has a unique tongue print.

3. Four lives can be saved if you donate 0.45 liters of blood.

4. Your right lung takes in more air than your left one does because your left lung is smaller to make room for your heart.

5. Dentists have recommended that you keep your toothbrush at least 2 meters away from a toilet (to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush).

6. An average person can live for about a month without ingesting any food, but can only live for a week without water.

7. Every minute 50,000 of the cells in your body shed and are replaced with new ones. This means that while you’ve been reading this sentence, you lost a whole lot of cells!

8. Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus bi-weekly otherwise it will digest itself from all the acid.

9. You use an average of 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile.

10. The average human body contains enough: Sulphur to kill all the fleas on an average sized dog, Carbon to make 900 pencils, Potassium to fire a toy cannon, Fat to make 7 bars of soap, Phosphorus to make 2,200 match heads, and enough Water to fill a ten-gallon tank.