Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why Love is Blind ?

Before the world existed, Man and Woman found Virtue and Passion to be boring,So, "Imagination" said "Why don't we play hide and seek?""Fool" replied "Oh yes, lets" and started to count: "80, 40, 4, 3.."

All went off and hid, except for "Love",because.... of love's indesiveness,

"Fool" started to count again "80, 60, 35, and 100!"and "Love" jumped up and went and hid by a bush.

When "Fool" opened his eyes, the first person he found was "Lazy",who was just crouching on his feet, because....he was lazy.

The second person he found was "Imagination" hiding behind a cloudbecause..... she was imagination

Next, was "Innocence" who was hiding behind her handsbecause..... this was innocence.

"Liar" was found over here, and not over there, where he said he would be,because..... this was liar.

One by one all the Virtues and Passions were found except for "Love"who was afraid of exposing herself.

"Envy", who was always preoccupied with others and not with herself,told "Fool" that "Love" was hiding in the bushes.

"Fool" called out to "Love" to come out, but "Love" didn't come.So all the virtues and the passions called out "Love, come out",But again nothing happened.

This really made "Fool" angry, and he started shaking the bushes.Just then he found a stick, and he picked it up and started poking it intothe bushes with all his might.

All at once there was a scream "Ay," and "Love" came out of the bushholding her hands up to her eyes that had blood streaming from them.

Virtue and Passion were very, very sad, and they asked each otherwhat was going to happen to "Love".But "Fool" said,"Don't worry about "Love," I will look after her and be her eyes"

And from that day to this, that is why it is said that

"Love is blind, and only sees things through a fool's eyes!"

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