Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gibraltar airport - Like our Railway Crossing!!!

We have heard of highways being used as runways in some countries. But this is the first time I have seen roads crossing a runway and road traffic being stopped by a traffic light while an aircraft takes off or lands!

Absolutely amazing! Some basic questions would have to be addressed viz.:

(a) What if the traffic lights fail or malfunction? (In spite of any generators or invertors used as a back-up power source).

(b) Will rickshaws and pedestrians observe the traffic lights? Would they not feel that they are obviously entitled to take short-cuts across some part of the runway?

(c) Will some motorists and motorcyclists and auto rickshaws not dash across the red traffic light whenever, in their experience-based judgment, a landing (or taking-off) aircraft seems to be not close enough.

(d) In case a VIP (Very Important Parasite) is coming on the road, who will have priority? The parasite's motorcade or the aircraft?

(e) And the security guys will go MAD!!!! That would be fun to see!!

Mind blowing !

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